July 9, 2008

Web Finds Wednesday

I've decided that I'm going to create a theme for each day of the week (excluding weekends) in order to be more consistent with my posting. Good idea? We'll see!

Today is Web finds Wednesday! On Wednesdays I will highlight a shop, item, story or whatever I find on the web that I think will be of interest.

Ardith Keef is the coolest store I've seen in a long time. It is the namesake and brainchild of Ardith Keef who is the daughter of Missionary parents and married to a pastor. She is currently an associate professor of music at the University of Southern Maine.

All their profits go to various mission projects around the world. This includes medical equipment to a hospital in Ecuador, & Ethiopia, and supplies for children in an orphanage in Siberia. Their motto is "We exist to help others".

I stumbled upon them while looking for knitting needles, I'm going to stay with them because they offer much more than just a shop. Stop by and say hello, they may offer something useful in your craft too!

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