August 14, 2008

Classic Fashions

(picutre borrowed from here)

I'm always on the lookout for timeless fashions. I think if I'm going to spend a lot of money on something, it should be something that I won't have to replace in a year with a costly replacement. Fads are nice, but not for everything. This lovely cardigan is a perfect example of something that will look amazing for quite a few years down the road. The way it is dressed will make it look old-fashioned or new-fangled, but it will always be an amazing piece to have in your closet. I think the same when I make a piece. I want it to be classic, not fadish so my customers will take it and use it for years to come.

Can I design something like this? What about you? What do you look for in your garment purchases?

This particular sweater can be found at Neiman Marcus from TSE Cashmere. It's made in a boucle pima cotton and looks like something I would feel fabulous in. What about you?

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