August 26, 2008


When I started working with yarn, it was crochet. I loved making blankets and scarves for everyone I knew. But it seemed that every time I walked into a yarn shop and asked for yarn to crochet, the store attendant would look at me as if to say "you really should knit" then they would proceed to let me know that they didn't really know much about 'crochet' but that it took a lot more yarn.

I began to think, maybe I should knit. So, a year after learning to crochet (by reading and doing) I bought myself a knitting book, some needles and yarn and started teaching myself to knit. I fell in love, but I couldn't finish a project nearly as fast as I could with crochet. As I learned to move my fingers faster and subsequently in continental style, I finished projects, but not with the same speed as crochet.

Yesterday, I came across this article on the web. Can you imagine? After doubting crochet and learning to knit, and realizing that if I wanted it done quickly, it needed to be crochet, the world is catching up and falling in love with crochet! Go figure!

I've always loved crochet for it's texture and pop. But, I've not always liked the items I've seen made with crochet. It seems that the reason most people think of crochet as the "ugly step-sister" is because of the items they've seen that have turned them off, they did me. I decided a long time ago, that I'd like to make items that are stylish, fun and sexy in crochet, because, it was my first yarny love.

As I work to create 100 pieces for stART on the Street, I've turned to crochet because, I could never make enough items in knit. Does that mean I'll leave knitting behind? No. It only means, I'll have to have two markets and cater to both.

I'm armed with hooks and I love it!

In a few days I'm going to post some more yummy "crochet" yarny goodness for you to fall in love with, cause the more love for crochet there is, the better off our yarny goodness will be . . . besides, crochet can only be done with human hand, so that means more work for those who are willing to learn and grow!

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HobbyZu said...

I am so glad that crochet is gaining in popularity. Maybe one day I won't even have to explain the difference between crochet and knitting whenever someone sees me crocheting! :-)