October 7, 2008

Eileen Fisher

Everyday I walk through a mall to get to work. Everyday I pass the Eileen Fisher store across from the Coach store and next to the Luis Vuitton. . . Yes, it's a pretty "high end" mall and that does nothing to curb my love of the trends! What I've noticed in my walking past Eileen Fisher, is how many of her designs are knit this Fall.

In the Summer there were lots of linen dresses, tops and pants, but as the Fall set in, I noticed whispy knit scarves, lovely "cuddle up" sweaters and cardigans. When I pass by I can't help but feel "comfortable" in her designs and colors. I can't say that I've ever purchased anything from her, but I do love some of her pieces. . . like this sweater . . . love it!

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