October 30, 2008

Grey skies ahead. . . project underway

I love custom projects! I love being given the chance to bring a vision to life. On Monday, I received this lovely yarn form Knitpicks in the mail and was so excited because it meant I could finally start on a vision. It was yarn specially ordered for a project "commission" that started without intent or thought.

Last month we went to an Obama rally in New Hampshire and met a very nice couple with a son just a little younger than ours. Since they had forgotten their camera I was happy to take pictures of them and send them via email. The easiest way for me to get them my email address was to give them my card. As fate would have it, Martha, the mom, had been wanting to get a replacement "snood" for one she'd received from her mother but had lost along her travels.

Many emails later, we are now at the stage where the yarn is hitting the needles and the project is moving forward. I can't tell you who's more excited, me for doing the project or her for receiving it. All I know is that I'm convinced yarn can make anyone happy. . . stay tuned for photos of the finished project coming soon.

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