October 28, 2008

When life hands you lemons. . .

What's wrong with this picuture?

These are the wristwarmers I'm making for my niece. She spent the day with me when I was at "Start On the Street" in September, and really loved the wristwarmers I had for sale. As "payment" (bribe) I told her I'd make her some wristwarmers in any color she would like. She chose this color.

I've been working on them while I go back and forth on the train and last night I was closing them up, when I noticed a problem. Can you see it? Maybe this second photo will help. Why is one side at least an inch longer than the other? That was the question I asked myself then quickly realized, I went 5 extra rows on the glove I finished earlier and forgot to do the same on the second glove.

Sometimes, it's just trial and error. So, I thought maybe I can just take out the extra rows and it will all be fine. . . no, that is too much trouble, especially on the train when you're knitting. If it were crochet, it would be no problem at all. So then my next idea was, make two pairs. So I started a second for the shorter warmers that will go to my niece and I'll subsequently make a longer one for a pair to go into my shop.

It's all in line with the quote that says "when life hands you lemons. . . ". I now have two pair where I may have gotten lazy and only had one. I love it when I have a project for the train, and it has a definite purpose.

Doing it over or increasing productivity only gives me patience to do what needs to be done.

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