November 6, 2008

Photography lighting

With shorter days and long work hours, I'm only home on the weekends to take photos of my items in "natural" or "day" light. Since my weekends are filled with family and housework, I needed to find a way to use the evenings to take photos of my items. I haven't yet made a lightbox, so I thought there might be a way anyway. Last night I tried an experiment.

We have "daylight" light bulbs in some of the light fixtures at home, so I took an extra one and put it in a tablelamp. I positioned the lamp right next to the window (for my psyche) and placed my item on the table I usually use to take photos. Imagine my delight when I saw these photos!!!

I know they aren't perfect, but for a "soft" touch and clear picture, I think the daylight bulbs did wonders to save me. I've tried taking photos with regular bulbs in the lamp with no lampshade, but they always came out grainy or too dark. I think that until I have the time to make myself a lightbox, this is going to help tremendously!

BTW - This item was a custom order on my "Chunky Men's Scarf". I love this color, I have one just like it. Here's hoping my customer love it too!!!

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The Naked Mushroom said...

Your pics came out REALLY well. Love the orange of this piece, so cozy and autumnal, love it!