January 19, 2009

Serving our community

Happy MLK Day! Today is a day of community service in rememberance of Dr. Martin Luther King's message of equality and hope for all. As you take a moment to reflect on all that you have, make sure to give back to the community you are a part of. Whether that me an online community or your community at large.

So many are hurting right now. Just to reach out a hand to someone can mean the difference between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate. For my online community, I encourage you to click on one, two or all of the links below to do a very small part in helping . . . then I encourage you to go out and touch someone's life.

May this day be one of significance for you and someone who's life you touch.

The Breast Cancer Site
The Hunger Site
The Child Health Site
The Literacy Site
The Rainforest Site
The Animal Rescue Site

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Tabmade said...

haha, so sorry to tease your eyes! :9

Also, I clicked all of the links. ;)