January 9, 2009

zJayne's Shop

I've decided to put a spin on my "Friendly Friday's" shop profiles. Instead of just having you read about the shop and the artist I've put something in it for you! From now on each featured artist will offer something from their shop as a prize to one lucky winner, all you have to do is leave a comment with the answers to three (3) easy questions at the end of the post. So let's get started!

I don't think I need to tell you why I was attracted to zJayne's shop, but I will anyway. I love that she upcycles to such useful items. That's all. Please get to know her here, visit her shop, answer the questions at the bottom and put yourself in the running for a special prize!

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Jane Pierce, that’s my name and I find myself comfortable being called “z” or zJayne too. I have an enthusiastic desire to create with found objects and long forgotten jewels. Certain pieces inspire me to mix them together in a newfound way and create a treasured heirloom.

Then there’s the recycled aspect. Most of my altered art fits into that mode and all of my market bags, lunch sacks, basic and embellished pouches do too. It seems for me that once I began renewing T-Shirts into market bags, my art and upcycling became one. If there’s such a thing as a recycle artist, I’d fit in that category.

What inspires you to your craft/artistry?
Making a difference with art keeps me inspired. There’s something more that has been taking place, there’s a purpose to what I’m creating. My art speaks to me and for me and I have been blessed to have others share the same. Recycling has made a difference in my own thinking, consuming, and rubs off on friends and family as well. I’m much more aware of positive things that I can do a little at a time.

How do you promote your work?
I use my market bags for shopping and carry my cards with me for any double takes, smiles, or just plain questions about what kind of bags are those.

My pouches, well it borders on an addiction to everything in a pouch these days. Cell, camera, cash, glasses, jewelry, it’s endless what I store in them. They are so useful, it just takes one to see what I mean. So I have several in my purse and when I open one, I quickly explain – ‘look, this is a sleeve!’

I guess what I’m saying is wear, carry and talk about what you create. And carry business cards so you can offer a place to find you.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to new artists?
Be in the moment when you are creating. Don’t think about what this or that might sell for or if this makes sense or the entire mumble jumble that our thoughts bring up to distract us from being in the moment. When I’m aware of being in the moment, and practice it, my creative spirit brings me ideas and more that I didn’t know I had in me.

How do you see yourself evolving in the next 5-10 years?
I feel that everything I am learning about online shops, picture taking and the whole ball of wax that having your own business entails will make a difference and ultimately enhance my retirement.

What are some of your favorite things?
Coincidences that show me what I need to see, where I need to be, what I need to do. My grandson’s voice. My guy’s dedication and humor with my tangents. Music. Chocolate. Books that I thought I’d alter, but read instead, and then they lead me to other art. Family love. Friends caring. Peace and Understanding.

What is your favorite quote?
“Enough, is as good as a feast”

Contest Questions:
1 - What street team is zJayne a part of?
2 - What do you hope the prize from zJayne's shop will be? (what is your favorite item)
3 - What is one thing zJayne said that helped you?

Leave a comment with the answers to these questions for a chance to win a very special gift from zJayne's shop. Make sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win.

Winners will be announced right here on Thursday, January 15, 2009!
Let zJayne know that "Sedie" sent you when you visit or purchase from her shop!


zJayne said...

Thank you for this lovely feature! Good luck to all participants! I love it!

Carol said...

Kudos to Jane. She has a wonderful shop!
1 - What street team is zJayne a part of? Eco Etsy Street Team, Cleveland Street Team, and Trashion Street Team
2 - What do you hope the prize from zJayne's shop will be? (what is your favorite item)Phew, this is a hard one, she has so much in her shop that's useful and eye candy! But I guess any of her upcycled pouches would be nice.
3 - What is one thing zJayne said that helped you? Being in the moment while creating. So many times, paint will not go on my canvas due to the constant inter-dialog going on in my head of to-dos!
Thanks Sedie for featuring zJayne!

Janet Blain said...

The street team zJayne is in is WWWG Team.

The reused tshirt bags are cool!

Be in the moment when creating, don't worry about what will sell, etc. GREAT ADVICE!

Janet Blain

Erin, maker of chimes said...

My goodness, she's on a ton of teams! Proud member of the Eco Etsy Street Team (search- teamecoetsy)
Proud member of the Cleveland Street Team (search- clevelandteam)
Proud member of the Trashion Street Team (search- Trashion Team)
New Team - Etsy Peace Niks
ACETSY Team - ACEOs pocket art 2.5" x 3.5"
WWWG Street Team

I hope that she's giving away one of the wristlet pouches, but not of choice b/c that's be soooo hard to pick just one ;)

It's helpful to be reminded about not thinking about price or usefulness when creating. The creating is supposed to be fun and sometimes, we get focused on selling and lose track of the real fun!

Valerie said...

I loove zJayne. She's talented as can be and environmentally concious to boot. (I'll let someone else win her lovely work---but I just wanted to chime in here!)

nancyrosetta said...

1. Street team?

Well she is a member of many teams, but Eco, Trashion, and WWWG are a few.

2. Prize?

If I were to win, a Six Pack would be awesome!!! I would have ample recycled sacks to take to the market!

3. Inspiration?

I am really humbled by zJayne's commitment to repurposing and cutting back on waste. I love the fact that she uses old t-shirts and that she is changing the way her family and friends think by giving them gifts of recycled goodness.

I think she is making a much needed difference!

Thanks Sedie, and zJayne!

renee said...

Okay I'm in,
1. Clevelandhandmade
2. Love her little pouches
3. Wear your art, carry your art, share your art

Thankful, that I got to know you

Sandy said...

I love zJaynes shop!
1. I know she is on Eco Etsy Street Team, as I am. And I see she is on many others. Did not know there was Peace Nik team..intersting.
2. I love her Little Bird Little Pouch. I've been looking for something like that for my new Ipod.
3. I plan to retire in the next 5 to 7 years too and want to get my soapy business going now. Knowing I'm not the only one in my age bracket learning all this tech stuff will keep me motivated and help me realize, "No, I am not too old for this."

Thanks, Sedie, for the great feature and for introducing me to zJayne's products.

Amy said...

1 - What street team is zJayne a part of? eco etsy street team; eco etsy and trashion street teams

2 - What do you hope the prize from zJayne's shop will be? (what is your favorite item) Everything is so wonderful! The t-shirt bags are very cool.

3 - What is one thing zJayne said that helped you? "It takes as much petroleum to make 14 plastic bags as it does to drive a car one mile" I did not know that. I switched to reusable bags awhile ago, but that quote would have made me switch today.

lrohler said...

What a great feature.
1. wwwg street team
2. market bag and matching pouch
3. her promoting tips. I never carry anything on me othat I make and maybe I should change that.

Vintage said...

I love ZJayne's spirit! She has such a great eye and sense of herself.
1. Cleveland Street Team
2. I'd love the prize to be one of her ACEO's ( I already have several of her bags and wristlets! I use them all the time!)
3.I like what she said about evolving. I need to remind myself not to get stagnant and keep learning new tricks.

Thanks Z!

LazyTcrochet said...

Great post...zJayne's work is so much fun! We are on the same team...the ClevelandTeam rocks!
I LOVE the Love is in the Air pouch.
And...her creative spirit and the "Coincidences that show me what I need to see."

Lenox Knits said...

1. "CaaT."
2. PEACE Wristlet ONE Pouch Custom
3. I actually got quite a bit out of this interview. The thing that struck me most was about being in the moment and not thinking about how something will sell or how much to charge for it. She is a very wise woman.

I can be reached at if I win. I hope I do!