January 15, 2009

zJayne's Winner & Prize

I know now why Oprah loves to give stuff away. . . it just feels so great! This is my second winner announcement this week, and I just get giddy whenever I see the lucky person's name come to the top of the list. I know that I'm about to make someone's day and it just makes me feel happy.

You know who else feels good? zJayne, because she is the one who so generously put a prize up for one lucky winner! So, without further delay, I want to announce that

from Sandy's Soaps

is the first winner in our shop profile giveaways! She was selected by the algorithm.

She wins zJayne's Recycled T-Shirt Sleeve “Bird” Pouch (pictured here).

Tomorrow we'll have a new shop profile and a new item up for grabs! Get ready for a new discovery.


zJayne said...

Congratulations to SandySoaps and a warm Thank You to the talented Sedruolo for bringing this feature to all.

SandySoaps is welcomed to come on over to my zJayne shop on Etsy and choose the "little bird, little pouch" that is to her liking!

~waving with a smile
Jane aka zJayne

nancyrosetta said...

Congrats Sandy!
Lovely winnings!