February 4, 2009

Free Crochet Pattern - Funky Hat

This pattern is a replication of a photo I saw of my cousin wearing a similar hat. I thought I could design something like it quite easily, so I picked up an old pattern for a beret and altered it to fit the description I wanted. I then selected some recycled yarn from my stash and started to crochet. I worked it up in about two days because I was so anxious to see the final product. So far, it’s gotten great reviews!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Worsted weight yarn approximately 250 - 300 yds.
US #H hook; 5.00mm
Crochet stitch marker or small safety pin

Finished Size:
Will vary depending on artisan’s preferences
(Demo finished size is width = 11 inches; opening = 6 inches; brim = 2 inches)

16 sc and 10 rows = 4"

Ch. 4 join in ring with sl st

Row 1: 6 sc in center of ring
Row 2: 2 sc in each st. (12 sc) place marker at the end of round to mark off beginning
Row 3: * 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next st, repeat from * around row (18 sc)
Row 4: *2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 2 st, repeat from * around
Row 5: *2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 3 st, repeat from * around
Row 6: *2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 4 st, repeat from * around, move marker up
Continue in this pattern until there are 22 st between 2 sc (or the diameter measures 10 inches). Work even for 4 rows. Begin decreasing by skipping every 12th st. to 6inches (or desired head size). Work 6 rows even.

chain one after last st and turn
next row: sc in next 28 st., ch 1 turn
next row: sc in next 28 st., ch 1 turn
next row: skip first st, sc across, ch 1 turn
next row: skip first st, sc across, ch 1 turn
next row: sc in next 26 st., ch 1 turn
next row: skip first st, sc across, ch 1 turn
next row: skip first st, sc across, ch 1 turn
next row: repeat previous row until 18 st remain, ch 1
next row: skip first 2 st, sc across, ch 1 turn (16 st)
next row: skip first 2 st, sc across, turn (14 st)
next row: sc across brim, and around edge of hat, back around top of brim ending at brim hat corner. sl st in corner st. Bind off and weave in end of yarn.

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kadinsam said...

i like it i'll knit it

Laura said...

Cute hat, and anything that is almost all single crochet is always a favorite of mine to make. Thanks for the pattern!

Zu said...

Very pretty hat!
Looks like you've been pretty busy around here. I've been missing, but I haven't forgot you! Life has been crazy lately, but I'm getting back in the swing of things. ;-)

I've moved my blog by the way.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I am so making this had this weekend. I've been looking for a pattern for a crochet hat with a bib! Thanks.

Sheryl Haeberle said...

Thank you! I love this pattern.

SwtladyinOK said...

cute hat and I will plan to crochet it someday soon.

Jenny said...

Love, love, love this hat! My daughter has wanted a hat with a brim. I've seen a couple that I like but the brim always looks a little strange. Yours is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. I'll return to share the finished protect when completed.

Linda said...

I made it...but I can't get the flap to stay up. Did you do something that you don't put in the directions?

Sedruola Maruska said...

Linda, please email me at smaruska34 [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk about the brim. Thanks!

Lynx said...

Can you PLEASE add this to the database at Ravelry so that I can link it to the hat that I made from it!??! Thank you!

Incidentally, this looks sharper than tacks in jeweltone purple! ;-)

Bekki said...

Hello! Love this hat and in the middle of crocheting it but I have a question. In the second picture (the top of the hat) it looks to me like there are a few rows of DC mixed in with the SC rows. Is that true? The reason I noticed it is because I really liked the ridge effect the top of the hat shows, but mine was not getting the same look. When I double checked the pattern and the picture I noticed the difference. Can you please clarify for me? Thanks!

Sedruola Maruska said...

Hello Bekki, You are correct, I think the one in the picture was a freestyle I did off of the pattern, but the pattern has a slight swirl. I'm sorry. I can see if I can remember how to get the effect in the photo for you. Please send me your email address so we can talk further.

Bekki said...

My email is Thanks :)

Olivia Krout said...

Hi! I would love to know as I am doing this hat with hdc its going nicely.. other than im stuck where it says crotchet until 18 st remain.. does that mean crotchet 18, or what the non crotcheted areas are 18?

Sedruola Maruska said...

Hi Olivia, I hope you get this message. To answer your question it means to leave 18 stitches un-crocheted so crochet the stitches until you have 18 left undone. I hope that helps. Let me know.

Lym said...

New to crocheting and I love this hat, two questions though, when it says work even for four rows does that mean do 4 rows of the 22sc between 2 sc? Then on the decrease do you keep the same pattern of 22 sc between 2sc just skipping every 12 st?

The Loopy Loft said...

Ohmygosh! I just now saw this pattern! The pic and link were included in the newsletter I received today. What an groovy hat, I love it - thank you so much for this awesome pattern.

Chris Jensen said...

Did you use variegated yarn?

Chris Jensen said...

Did you use variegated yarn?