February 27, 2009


Gemstrings is a new shop on Etsy that I'd like to introduce to you because I have a feeling you'll be glad I did. Melanie makes beautiful pieces for men and women with lovely stones.

Get to know her a little here then visit her shop! I'm sure she'd welcome you with open arms.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Melanie Marvin and I am a true Floridian. My family has owned the property I currently live on since 1938. In 2005, I began buying gemstones and gemstone jewelry as a hobby and realized I loved to be around my stones. I hadn't worn jewelry for many years and suddenly I wanted to wear several different gemstone pendants, earring, and could not leave my house without my rings.

I walked into a new age store for the first time and a class about crystal healings was offered, I signed up and began my journey. By Christmas 2006, I had created "The Gemstring" and the concept of the wearer choosing the stones in advance of the necklace being created. Many of my friends and family received a "Gemstring" as a gift. Through the actual experiences of my friends, family and myself it became apparent that different stones whether tumbled or of faceted gem quality do have an effect on one's physical, mental, and emotional being. This effect as explained in my shop announcement, is a retuning of one's natural rhythm, through the principal of Resonance.

What inspires you to your craft/artistry?

My inspiration is that of wanting to bring the healing vibration of stones to everyone through beautiful and easy to wear jewelry. I believe that some of today's dis-eases may be healed through wearing the appropriate stones.

How do you promote your items?
As far as promoting my work, I'm new at selling. I decided to go from gifts to sales this fall and ETSY is my first try. However last weekend I attended my first Art Festival and decided "I can do that" and maybe I'm not charging enough for my things based on what I saw. I want to tell everyone price does not equate to quality. I am now assembling enough inventory to do a show.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to new artists?
My advice for people newer at this than myself, take yourself as a serious artist from the beginning, you manifest what you believe. I have to remember when I buy a new tool it is a tool not a toy. Don't despair if you haven't sold anything continue to create. I feel creating is life's best therapy.

How do you see yourself evolving in the next 5-10 years?
My dream is to have a brick and mortar store. In addition to selling beautiful healing jewelry, I want to make available to my clients massage, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine.

What are some of your favorite things?
Living in paradise my hobby is assisting nature in butterfly production. We have nectar plants for the butterflies, host plants for the caterpillars to eat, and a cage in which we keep the caterpillars and their host plants to protect them from predators

What is your favorite quote?
My favorite is the Serenity Prayer.

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