February 19, 2009

My new toy!!

Last week I went out an purchased a new webcam. Why? Because I have a few ideas about things I'd like to do to push my business along and they include videos (coming soon so stay tuned!). Anyway, when I got to Best Buy I had a bunch of cameras staring at me and a basic idea of what I wanted. So when the nice young man (I must be old, cause "guys" are now "young men". . . but I digress) came to ask me what I needed I unloaded. I needed a webcam that would take clear video, pictures if necessary and that had a build in microphone. He looked at the selection in front of me, thought about what I'd just requested and handed me this.

It's the Microsoft Lifecam VX-6000 and you can see it here. Listed below are the product details as you'll read them on the website.

1 - High Definition Video and Photos show you in the best light.
2 - Wide-Angle Lens ensures no one gets left out of the picture.
3 - Built-In Microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity.
4 - Optimized for Windows Live Messenger, Photo Swap, Windows Live™ Call Button, LifeCam , One-touch Blogging
5 - Universal Attachment Base

After the nice "young man" handed me the camera, I asked if it came with any video editing software. He said that none of the cameras did but that I could probably download an easy package from the web. So I didn't worry about it too much. I looked at the webcam and examined a few others, just so I wouldn't just take the first one pitched at me and decided that it was actually the best deal.

When I got home and installed the software for the camera it was really easy. I then took a test video and, imagine my surprise when video editing software popped up once I clicked on the video to replay it!!! Yes, it came with the package. I can't tell you how excited I am about my new camera. You'll get to experience it's full capabilities soon. . . I'm working on it!

But, if you're looking for a webcam, I would recommend this one. The image is great!

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Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Oh fun!! Can't wait to see your videos! :)