March 24, 2009

Facebook Page

Starting April 1st I'll be releasing a video series on "How to Crochet" at my Yarn Obsession Facebook page (more about the series coming soon). When I started my page a few months ago, I wasn't sure what it would do for me or how I wanted to use it for my business.

Just as I've heard many people question, I also questioned how Facebook could help my business. In the past few months, I've found my Facebook Business page to be a really helpful tool in getting information to my friends, family and followers. The ease with which I can work with my page has also inspired my video series. If you're wondering about a facebook page for your business here are some things to keep in mind:

1) Use it as a tool to connect with your clients. It's a great place to give and get one-on-one interaction with those who have become "fans". Make sure it's interesting and engaging.

2) Keep it for business. Don't let your personal facebook information cloud your business page. Keep the focus on what you are delivering to those who are fans. After all, they came for your product not to know all about your personal life.

3) Try running an ad to get more exposure. I have an ad that I run once a month or so (about $7 a month depending on the cost-per-click rate you've requested) and it has tripled my fan base in two months. . . talk about pressure to do something with the site!!

4) Make it fun! I'm working on getting as much information streaming and incorporated onto the Facebook page as possible. I want it to be a fun place to get information on yarn, crochet, knitting and anything yarny related that I can find and share. I also encourage my fans to share their projects, patterns or information with everyone else.

My page it still new, but so far, I see lots of potential in what I can do with it. I'm excited about the video series because, when they list in a google search, the finder won't be taken to Youtube or an outside site, they'll be taken straight to my Yarn Obsession Page on Facebook where there'll be lots more info waiting for them.

So, if you haven't had a chance, stop by the Yarn Obsession Facebook Page, become a fan and get in on what's happening with me there!

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Lenox Knits said...

That is the best description I've read on how to make the Facebook page a good promotional tool. I created one a while back but have done next to nothing with it. Thanks for the inspiration!