March 5, 2009

My first crochet project

This is my husband. This is my husband modeling his scarf. This is my husband modeling the scarf I made him about 7 years ago before we were married. . . Yes, and he still married me!

When I met my husband's grandmother she showed me all the crafts she did like crochet, knitting, paining, paper bead making, quilting etc. At the time, she was in her late 70's and had raised 8 children! When we left her house I said to my then Fiance, "I'm going to learn to crochet, and I'm making you a scarf."

I was true to my word and the scarf you see in this photo is my very first project ever! I'm proud that it's still around, but every now and then I'm tempted to take it apart to re-do it "better". My husband won't hear of it! He loves his scarf and he doesn't care that it's got flaws.

What flaws? Well, If I were to make this scarf today, it would be the same width all the way down and not "varying widths" as this one is. Why? Because I know now what the stitches look and feel like and that I need to go all the way to the end. There were places when I missed a stitch and "decreased" when I shouldn't have and then "increased", without realizing. Also, at the end of the color blocks, I'd leave a tail and weave in the ends. Back then I didn't know about "weaving in ends" so I just cut the yarn as short as possible and left it at that. When I ran out of yarn, midway, I'd tie a knot and keep going (I still do this sometimes because I hate to waste yarn, but I'm much better at hiding it). Finally, I'd put a border around the whole thing to give it a "finished" look. Whenever I look at this scarf, I feel like I have more work to do. . . .

The beauty of having a project like this around constantly is that it reminds you of how far you've come. Sometimes I feel like I'm not growing, then I look at a project I did two or three years ago and realize that every day I pick up my hook and yarn, I'm growing.

I'm sure I'll always have the urge to "fix" my husband's scarf, but I'll always suppress it since it's nice to have a reminder of how far I've come. Besides, if my hubby can wear it proudly, it can't be all that bad!!!! ;-)


Bumble Belly Designs said...

Sedie, it' great!! I'm with your husband - don't touch it! What a great reminder of where you've been and what a pro you are now. Great post and you have a gorgeous family :)

momgen said...

Very pretty dear. Hi would you like to consider being one of my contest sponsor? You can give anything you want. Thanks waiting for a response.


Laura said...

That is a great scarf. It is still around!! I crocheted things when I was learning that came undone in the wash. One of my biggest mistakes was the same as yours I increased and decreased rows. I used to have to count rows if I wanted to get it

Zu said...

Awww that is sooo sweet that he loves it just like that! I used to have the increasing and decreasing problem as well. I guess all crocheters did in the beginning stages. :-)

Fraske Designs said...

sedie this is great. my old college roomate (still one of my best friends) gave me her very first crochet project - a scarf - for my birthday years ago, and i love it, imperfections and all! i was honored that she chose me to be the recipient.

Maria said...

It looks like it means a lot to him and I can imagine why. You did an amazing job.

You are very talented

Nunya! said...

Reading your post helps me realize that I'm not alone! Don't you ever redo that it forever.