March 3, 2009

National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month so all over the handmade world you'll find great deals on handmade items large and small. National Craft Month is specifically designed to draw attention to crafts and the benefits derived from craft activities. You can find out more at the National Craft Association.

However, I didn't give you that information just to say "It's craft month" and leave it at that. I said it because I have lots of exciting give-aways and micro-contests happening this month so I wanted you to be aware of the celebration that would be going on. I want to share not only the love of yarn with anyone that comes my way, but with anyone that will listen. So come back often this month because I may be running a contest for just a day! Whatever the "entry" it will be fun and help you to learn more about the arts of crochet and knitting as well as give you an opportunity to win something lovely from my shop.

It's all in fun and all to help build awareness around handmade goods and the people behind them!

Happy Craft Month!!!

1 comment:

Zu said...

I really need to keep up with these things. I had no idea it was national craft month. :-)