May 17, 2011

Upon your retirement

Dear Dad,

Today you retire from the professorship you've held for the last 23 years and I'm so proud of you! Over the years I've watched you work tirelessly and with full dedication to not only this position, but also as an amazing principal for many years. Just as those elementary school children still remember the impact you have made on their lives, so your college students remember. I know that when you find a great teacher or administrator that inspires, you go back to their inspiration on a daily basis.

Although you retire today, I know there are many more "active" years ahead as you pursue other interests and challenges. However, Dad, I want you to know that the role of father, that you've held longer than any position, is and will continue to be your crowning jewel. I am proud to be your daughter and I'm proud to watch you evolve.

So today, on your retirement, I say congratulations, good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will accomplish in this phase.

With love,

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