June 27, 2011

WoodenItBeNice - Featured Shop!

Votive Holder
Because Etsy is such a vast store of talented artists, I've decided to share some with you from time-to-time. WoodenItBeNice is a brand new shop that is going to be a winner as far as I can tell. They make beautiful wooden items that would complement any decor. After reading this profile, I encourage you to visit their shop and use coupon code "1stBlog" to receive 15% off anything in their shop! Here are some quick insights into the owner of this shop:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My husband and I love being with our family and friends and are thrilled to say we still have friends from our childhood. We have many interests, way too many to list her but the place we like to be best (after being with family & friends) is the shop.

Hardwood Candle Trio
When my husband and I got together, he sold his house, I sold mine and decided that together we would buy "our" house. The buying process was more complicated than it needed to be so I started sewing a picture to relieve my stress. The more stress, the faster I sewed. Finally, when it was all over and we were able to move in and buy furniture, I noticed the picture I'd been working on matched what we'd chosen. My husband volunteered to make a frame so we could hang the picture, and since my daughter says no project happens without me, I got involved with the style and color. I tell this story because it's how I came to the passion I have for what my husband and I do today. I searched for my creative self for years and in one small project, I found it.

My husband loves making furniture and I dabble with painting cute wood items.
2. Which of your items is your favorite and why?

This is tough. No sooner will I declare, something as my favorite I'll see a spark in something else that makes me want to change my mind. If I have to pick one, it would be the Geometric Hardwood Cutting/Serving Board. It's the first time we've made anything like it and I love how the various wood colors come together and create such a unique piece. We don't have very many pieces listed yet, but we have a lot of things on the horizon so continue to check us out to keep posted on all the new items.
 3. What is your favorite book and why?

Hardwood Cutting Board
My favorite book is "Gone with the Wind". I love the setting, I love the romance, and I love the fact that even though Scarlet was not always a likable person, she knew what she wanted and worked for it. She tried to take care of her family, even though she fell short of doing what was best for them.
 4. What is your favorite food and why?

I love pasta and most italian foods. Not sure why but I can eat is almost anytime.
5. If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

I would quit my day job and devote my time to my newly found passion, working with wood.

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