July 20, 2011

Fashion Color Trends Autumn 2011

Color trend colors Autumn 2011

The colors above are the ones forecast for Fall 2011. . . I love to look at these color trends because it helps me determine my course of “creativity”. Why? Well, if most people will be purchasing brown coats vs. black coats in any given year, I want to make sure my “ready to ship” items compliment their choice. How will I know what will be most worn, if I don’t know the trends?

I also love to make OOAK (one of a kind) items in the seasonal colors because they’ll catch the “eye of the beholder”.  It seems this years color trends reflect the practicality that a recession brings. These colors will help bring in buyers who are looking to match items already in their closets without having to spend a lot of money.

Personally, I just love the way they look . . .I'm looking in my stash for matches!!

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