July 13, 2011

Google gonna rule the world?

So, I got an invitation to Google+ this week, accepted and started exploring. It’s a great new way to socialize and although I have a lot of learning to go, I think I’m going to like it.

Is it possible that Google is trying to take over the world? My Droid is on the Google Android system, my main email is a gmail account, I'm getting ready to use Google Docs etc. as my main processing center and now Google+. . . not to mention my blog is on Blogger (Google owned) therefore I have a Picasa account (Google owned) and I have a YouTube channel . . . is that Google too??

Well, whatever the case, Google+ is fun and interactive, a lot like Facebook, but for now, both are useful. However, stay tuned, you never know what can happen. . . remember MySpace? ;-)

BTW - Here's a great article about what Google+ offers from an "opinion" point of view

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