August 4, 2011

Source Code - The Movie

Last night was a rare night. . . hubby and I got to watch a full movie in just about the running time of the movie. As parents to two young kids, we often have to pause the movie to deal with a crying baby or a child dealing with "night terror" (that will be another post). Last night, both kids were in bed by 9pm and beyond the two times we had to pause for consoling or pacifier replacing, we were able to watch the movie non-stop!

It's a good thing because it was a really good movie to watch continuously. I call my husband a "film snob" because he teases me about enjoying the likes of 'Transformers" while also having the ability to call "Shawshank Redemption" my favorite movie, and yet he can only sit through the latter. If it's not a highly rated movie, he has a hard time justifying the time put in to watch it. . . I on the other hand just like to "get away" sometimes when I watch a movie. They don't all have to be intense. Anyway, because my hubby heard Source Code was a good movie, he put it on our Netflix cue and it came three days ago. We were finally able to sit and watch it yesterday.

We both came away loving the movie! The best part was as soon as it started, you were in the character's shoes and just as confused. You, as the watcher, got information at the same time he did and the same questions surfaced for you as they did for him. The ride was intense and the payoff was perfect. If you haven't seen the movie, I don't want to ruin it for you, but I do want to say, we enjoyed our "movie night" because the movie was well worth the investment of busy parent's precious free time!

I give it 5 stars and will gladly watch it again to catch what I may have missed the first time!

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