September 4, 2011

Knit Cabled Scarf Pattern

This is an advanced beginner knit cabled scarf pattern that will help you get the hang of cabling. It's an easy to carry project and easy to memorize knitting pattern repeat, making it ideal for car, bus, train or relaxing in the park. Because the knit cable is the focal point it really pops from the center of this scarf.

Once you purchase this knitting pattern, you can begin on your journey to make knit cables! Please feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or doesn't work. I am available via email and etsy.

I am currently working on another cabled pattern and I'd love feedback on this one! What do you think about it? What style cables would you be looking for? Any feedback would be wonderful. Just leave a comment here or contact me directly!

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HIDE A HEART said...

Love cable! Thanks for the great pics and patterns!

Sedie said...

Thanks for stopping by MCatherine! Looking forward to seeing you again!