September 23, 2011

Pinterest - Products, Places and People I Love

Follow Me on PinterestDo you create vision boards? Do you have images, thoughts and things you love and want to gather in one place? Well look no further than this new "networking" site. I know, another site to keep track of. . . . Well, this one is different. It's mostly visual and it gives you a beautiful place to gather all your online "stuff".

My boards on Pinterest

This photo is of my boards on Pinterest I can create as many as I'd like and "pin" whatever makes me happy on those boards. Books, people, recipes, fashion can all be categorized as I see fit and kept for future reference. The best thing is, it's all VERY visual. Whatever I post should have an image attached to be easily found when I return to my profile. Therefore, it becomes a lovely place to take mini "journeys" into.

Following others is a great way to find new items to re-post to your boards and having others follow you is an easy way for you to share whatever information you'd like. BTW if you're on Pinterest, I'd love to have you follow me, I will definitely follow back. On Pinterest, you never know what's going to develop so it's just fun to see where others gain their inspiration and what they have to say.

It's different, it's free and it's fun! Let's get pinning!


megansbeadeddesigns said...

Still trying to get into pin interest, i think I sent a request for an invite several months ago... and am still waiting for a response. lol

Sher said...

I'm still learning Pinterest. I have about 8 boards but only a couple of pictures on each one. I do like the fact that it's all visual. I LOVE browsing everyone else's boards and seeing all the cool things. I will go locate you on there and follow you.

HeadPatternista said...

Hmm...thanks for the explanation. I'm far more textual than visual so I don't know if I'll use this but I've seen this pop up on so many newsfeeds and blogs that I was really starting to wonder what it was! I appreciate you breaking it down. Peace!