October 25, 2011

Fabulous New England Fall Weekend!

My sister came out from NY this weekend to spend some time with family. She wanted to come when she knew the leaves were turning and there would be a definite nip in the air. I love New England mainly because of the amazing beauty of Fall in this part of the country. We took tons of photos over the weekend, but I wanted to share the ones we did on Mount Wachusett in Princeton, MA. Enjoy the colors of Fall!

Looking over the Wachusett Valley

My daughter, niece, sister, son and niece

The group of us at Wachusett

My brother's beautiful daughter in front of the Wachusett Valley

My brother's beautiful daughters

My baby girl with her Auntie

My baby girl and me

My children and me
 I hope you're enjoying the harvest season as much as we are here in New England!


Kanelstrand said...

Beautiful photos! I especially love the colors of everyone's clothes, so much coinciding with autumn!

AsteropeBC said...

I love your baby girl's smile! She is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Sedie said...

Thank you so much AsteropeBC!!

Additionsstyle said...

Beautiful family! It looks like it was an enjoyable weekend. Great photos.
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