October 13, 2011

Yarn Obsession & Breast Cancer

When I was 16 I had a lump removed from my breast after doing a research paper on breast cancer and finding it. When I was 28, I had a biopsy done on a lump in the other breast that turned out to be a benign cyst which eventually melted away. In May I went to see my doctor because I again had a lump in my breast after having my baby girl. Although I thought it was a cyst I knew better than to let it go. In my 43 years, I've known women who have fought and won and lost against breast cancer. I may not have had the disease, but I am fully aware of the importance of exams and catching it early.

The Breast Cancer Site
October is Breast Cancer awareness month and to help with the cause I'm doing a few things:
  • In my Etsy Shop, all pink items have been marked down 20%
  • 10% of all proceeds from the sale of those and any other item in my shop, begining today, will be donated to the Breast Cancer Site, or to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • I've placed a link at the top of this site that will remain there. Clicking on that link everyday will help provide free mamograms for those who cannot afford one
We all know that early detection is one of the best tools we have against Breast Cancer. Whatever you do to help with the cause this month, remember how much it's helping a family. As for me, I am grateful for my friends, family and acquaintances that have been through the storm and come out on the other end stronger. They are an inspiration and helping those who come later is the best way I know to honor them.


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What a great post.. Loved reading. Officially following ya with smiles.. I'm Marilyn from and I would LOVE for you to stop in sometime. Off to indulge in all this burst of creativity here.. :))