November 21, 2011

Learn to Crochet - The Back Post Double Crochet

The back post double crochet (or triple crochet) is a stitch used to create a raised stitch in various patterns. It's a great stitch to learn if you want to give the illusion of ribbing or to create crochet cables. The Crochet Cabled Scarf is a great pattern to help you practice the Back Post Double Crochet stitch (also available for the Kindle).

This video can be found at my YouTube channel along with all the other videos I've showcased here on the blog. I'd love to hear your feedback. Do you have a stitch you're currently struggling with or would like to learn? Let me know, maybe I can get a video done to help.

2012 is giong to bring more vidoes to the channel including full proects! Get "In The Know" to be kept up-to-date!

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Nice video. I like the speed and explanation.

Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams