January 24, 2012

Sports Club LA / Boston Final Batch. . .

As you know I've had a consignment with the Sports Club LA / Boston this past season. It's gone extremely well and I'm excited that all the pieces were sold. At the end of December I got another request but was unable to fulfill due to family holiday obligations. I thought that would be it since the holidays would be over when I returned from vacation. Not so! I was excited to get a request about a week and a half ago for more pieces so I worked hard and these are the pieces that are now available in the shop! I'm thinking this may be the final batch, but if I get another request, I'm ready and able. . .
Amber Chunky Fashion Shawl, Collar, Hood in Charcoal

Amber Chunky Fashion Shawl, Collar, Hood in Brown

Slouchy Crochet hat in Beige, Black and Charcoal

Exclusive Neckwarmers in Charcoal, Beige and Cream