February 9, 2012

How to buy Brand Name yarn at a discount

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Olgalyn said...

Brand name yarn on sale is great. Yarn clubs are very good too if you're a regular purchaser of yarn.

Anonymous said...

Great advice! I'm often missing sales because I don't want the junk email, but some things are worth it! I've also been contemplating buying wholesale....hmn...have you ever done this?

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I second what Nancy said. I am reluctant to get more e-mails from merchants, but Michael's might be worth it.

Patrice said...

The big box yarn store here in Hawaii is Ben Franklin Crafts, which has a discount club card ($10 for !0% of all purchases for a year). And there are a couple of very nice LYS's that have sales as well. This is excellent advice for the designer and hobbyist alike. Thanks for sharing!