February 24, 2012

Kelly Smith Photography

I always get so excited when I can bring you a new shop owner and today is no exception. Kelly Smith takes amazing photographs and, simply put, I just had to have her here!

Kelly Smith Photos on Etsy is filled with images of nature and landscapes that will take your breath away. Kelly took some time out to answer a few questions, so take a read and visit her shop. I'm sure you'll find something there to make you go "ahhhh".

Who are you, where are you from and what makes that place unique?
My name is Kelly and I'm a Chicago transplant currently living in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in a small town in the far suburbs of Chicago called McHenry - small town, good people and a great place to grow up. It's close to the city but far enough away to not be all hustle and bustle. Portland, OR where I am now is like another world. It has the feel of my hometown but much larger and the nature is absolutely breathtaking. There are places here that just don't seem real.

What was the first item you ever made for your shop?
"Out of Reality" the first item for the shop
 Most of my photos have been taken over the last year, but this is the one that made me want to pursue it more and put my shop together.

How long have you been independently selling your items?
I started my photography shop in August 2011 just as a test to see if others thought my photos were good enough. I still have a lot to learn but hope to continue to improve my craft this year.

If you were on a desert isle, and you could only have one book or cd with you (besides your creative tools) which book or cd would that be?
I'm going to have to go with book cause batteries eventually die. I'd bring Little Women

Where is the most interesting place you have traveled, what made it so interesting?
My husband and I took a road trip in the fall of 2010 that was the best experience I've had. We flew to Seattle, WA and drove all the way down the coast back to Los Angeles (where we were currently living). We saw so much nature and beauty that it was the best 10 days we ever spent. It was the inspiration for my wanting to dive into photography more (and many of my photos are from that trip). 6 months later we were moving to Portland so we could be engulfed in this natural beauty every day and now we love it here!

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?
I would quit my day job tomorrow and focus on my creative endeavors. I currently split myself between work and 3 Etsy shops, it's hard to keep up and succeed!

Go visit Kelly online at her Etsy shop and use coupon code YOBLOG20 to save 20% on your order!

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Perfectly Paper said...

Thanks so much for the feature!! I was great getting to share myself a bit with your readers :)

Rose said...

Hopping over here from the Etsy Blog Team. :)

Kelly's work is beautiful! The colors are so rich. I hope that her shop does well.

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Additionsstyle said...

Great interview. Kelly's photographs are beautiful. I can't believe she works and has 3 Etsy shops.
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