April 7, 2008

About Sedruola Maruska

Among the hats I wear is that of a yarn enthusiast! In 2002 I taught myself to crochet after I met my then fiance's grandmother. Not only did she crochets, but she knits, makes paper beads, quilts, paints and recycles everything that comes into her home. I figured if she could do all those things, then I had to be able to do at least one. Thus began my Yarn Obsession. My first project was a scarf for my fiance. Looking at it now, because my husband still wears it proudly, I think it's a horrible job. But only the eyes of experience would tell me that. I've wanted to take it apart and make it "better" many times, but then I think, how do you know how far you've come, if you don't have anything to look back on? So he wears it and I cringe.

Since then, I'd like to think my skills have gotten a whole lot better! I started making items for everyone I could think of. My bridesmaids each got a custom afghan in their favorite color and I couldn't buy or use enough books. I now write my own patterns, sell my items on Etsy and am looking forward to making yarn my life's work.

Who knew the spark I needed would be found in the Midwestern part of the United States in a simple inviting home I could never have dreamed up?

This blog is to help get the word out about what I do, profile and help others along the way and to share as much information as possible about the yarn arts.

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Reema Sukumaran said...

SEDIE!!! Check you out! I am so impressed with your beautiful work! I tried knitting... a day... and now it sits in a pile. I hope to someday soon try again! :)

Just wanted to say hi! Happy New Years! Did you have your baby yet? All the best, my friend.