May 3, 2008

Busy girl

I've been a busy girl. Besides working on my projects and work and home, I've been reaching out and getting to know people in the Fiber community online. I've joined the EtsyFAST (Fiber Artists Street Team) and EtsyAOC (Artists of Color). If that weren't enough, I am also on Ravelry! Now, before you go thinking I'm Superwoman undercover, I have to say, it's a real challenge keeping up with all these communities, people, shops etc. But I made a handmade pledge, that I have been able to keep so far. And I'm committed to creating and selling unique knit and crochet items that can't be purchase at a store. So, I must make the time and get to know as many people as possible.

Since I'll be making my rounds, please let me know where you are and I'll stop by and leave a note. Letting me know you are visiting me helps me to find you easier as well.

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