May 27, 2008

Continental knitting?

I started a new project this weekend. It's a double snake scarf in a unisex color that I'll be using as a prize for the 444 charitable drive. It's going to be an amazing piece, but that's not the subject of my post today. Today I want to talk about how last night, I picked up this particular project and decided I wanted to work it in a Continental Style rather than the English Style I'd been using. So, I moved the yarn to my left hand and went for it!

Do you know how much easier it seemed to me? I couldn't believe it! I'd heard someone say that since they crocheted they wanted to learn to knit in the "continental style" since it would be easier as a crocheter. Little did I know how true that would be. I'm finding that I can go much faster in this style and my stitches look just as even as when I knit English style. It probably wasn't a good idea to change mid-project, because of everything that could have gone wrong, but it worked out and I'm getting better at a new style of knitting (for me anyway)! It will be an interesting test when I move from knitting and purling to more complicated stitching. . . all in due time!

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