May 25, 2008

Satin Doll Co.

Gaetana Parris is the owner of SatinDoll Co. and has generously donated a gift box made up of her handmade jewelry to our effort! I got to know a little more about our artisan in the past few weeks. I thought I'd introduce you to her as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Gaetana Parris, I'm a 24 year old Freelance Womenswear Fashion Designer turned small business owner. I currently live in South Florida after living my entire life in Brooklyn, New York.

I tried to start my own business in 2004 with a classmate from college but soon pulled out. I felt my business partner/ friend wasn't giving 100% of herself to the business. So after pulling out I sat down with my older sister to map my future business. I decided I would start with accessories, since I love accessories so much. That's how Satin Doll & Co. was born.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I'm currently designing and making my first collection which will be available in September on my official website/shop. Also, I'm a Freelance Fashion Designer by trade. However, taking freelance jobs has become secondary to running my company full-time.

What first drew you to become an artist/business owner?
Running a business is something that I've always wanted to do even as a child. I come from a long line of business owners which include my grandmother, my father, a number of uncles and great-uncles. As far as being an artist, I've been an artist from the time I came out of my mother's womb. I truly believe that I've been drawing
longer than I've been writing. As a child I remember always decorating the house with my drawings.

Please describe your creative process
When designing pieces or collections, I truly believe they design themselves. I can't really explain it, it's a natural feeling for me because it's something I just do. Maybe it's because I've been creating soon long. The process is easy, I lay everything out and from there whatever catches my eyes get's made. I love to use unusual beads, findings, fabrics, and components which I believe help to make my pieces what they are.

I've learned from years of designing that I work better at night. Maybe it's from the years when I was in design college and staying up late doing homework and projects. But that's when I get my best work.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists / business owners
My advice to any aspiring artist is always 'believe in yourself'. Internships are key as well as going to school/college to enhance your craft.

Great customer service is gold when owning and running your own business. If you have
great customer service and products you're sure to have return customers. Which will then led to word-of-mouth promotion which is FREE.

How do you promote your work?
Any way I can. Blogging, sales, deals, freebies, giveaways, donations, through my newsletter, on Myspace, on Facebook and any other social network or avenue I can get the word out. My own personal promoter is my father. Like any proud parent he brags and tells all his friends about my company and products, which in turn has given me a number of customers.

In ten years I'd like to be...
See my company growing. I hope to have a design studio with staff and a showroom to showcase my current collection to buyers. I also hope to own a number of boutiques that only carry my collections. Additionally, by then I'll hopefully get back into designing clothes and have my own 'ready-to-wear' line which will include sportswear, swimwear, loungewear and activewear.

You can find Gaetana at the following places:

Satin Doll & Co. Offical Website
Satin Doll & Co. Etsy Shop
Satin Doll & Co. Blog
Satin Doll & Co. Myspace Page

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