June 9, 2008

Personal Coaching Opportunity

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Lisane Basquiat-Kelly is a Personal and Professional Empowerment Coach and has generously agreed to donate some coaching hours to the high donor to my birthday event this week! Get to know her a little better here, and then make a donation to put yourself in the running for her services.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Lisane Basquiat-Kelly, I am the founder and President of In the Scope Life Coaching, LLC, an organization I've geared toward helping individuals, teams, and business organizations perform at their best through change. I coach individuals and organizations through the process and experience of change in their personal lives and professional endeavors. I help my clients to leverage change as an opportunity to transform their personal and professional lives. I am also a Certified Empowerment Coach, an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the City College of New York and I am a member of the Women Unlimited Alumnae (Lead program) network. I currently live in New Jersey and serve clients nationwide.

Apart from coaching, what is your passion?
I am passionate about living this life standing up and with my eyes open. I'm very passionate about my relationships with my family and friends. I'm ultra passionate about trying to live the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control) in my relationships with others every day.

What first drew you to become a coach?
I attended a team-building event over 10 years ago and the Senior Vice President, who was my boss at the time, introduced the facilitator of the three day event as his coach. After experiencing her through a series of candid team conversations and team-building activities I marveled at her ability to get the group to tell the truth about how we felt and how we were experiencing each other on a day to day basis. The experience of that event was life-changing for that particular team and we all walked out seeing each other and, more importantly, ourselves very differently. I’d spoken with her several times throughout the three-day event and resolved that I would love to do what she did.

Five years later, I worked for a different organization and began to think about transitioning into a new role but felt a completely unfamiliar lack of motivation. I felt an urge to do something different but wasn’t clear on what. Several weeks later, during a massage, I chatted with my masseuse about feeling antsy and wanting to do something different. She gave me the number of a woman that trained her in a particular method of massage that I’d had an interest in learning. Two days later, while waiting at a doctor’s office, I opened a magazine to a two-page spread on the profession of coaching. Something in my heart was stirred and I was intrigued. The following morning I called the woman that my masseuse recommended in hopes of setting up some time to chat. She told me that she was leaving for Puerto Rico in three days because she, in addition to training in massage, trained coaches. I almost jumped out of my chair. She agreed to meet with me the following morning. We spoke for several hours, she answered many of my questions and helped diffuse some of my fears. I walked out of our meeting knowing that I’d found my passion. I then began the process of researching where I would get my training, and wondered how I would pay for the training. Out of the abundance of heaven, the funds literally fell into my lap. I began the next training session that was offered in New Jersey that year and was certified in 2005.

Two years later, I ran into the coach I’d met ten years ago and thanked her for her significance in the direction of my career decision.

I strongly believe that coaching was drawn to me just as much as I was drawn to it. I’ve been a coach for most of my life, I just didn’t have a label for it.

Describe your process
I have a proven track record of success in leading workshops, working with adult individuals, business teams, and departmental organizations. I coach my clients toward a clear identification of vision (where they would like to be), clarity around where they are, and then I support them toward developing a strategy and implementing against a plan toward reaching their goals.

The process is neither about me providing answers to a client’s challenge nor about consulting them. Rather, my personal goal is to support individuals toward more fully engaging their God-given strengths and innate wisdom as a way to transition through their challenges; and to make good use of the opportunities presented along the way. At the core of my work is my commitment to empowering individuals to laser focus through the “noise” within the drama of their situation to a place of clarity, decisiveness, and forward movement. The ultimate goal of my partnership with my client is for them to develop a better relationship with themselves, the different aspects of their lives, and with others – through a greater appreciation for who God has purposed them to be. Clients and workshop attendees can expect to experience a myriad of benefits which include, increased personal and professional productivity, discovery of new ways of seeing and experiencing relationships, movement through areas where they were stuck, enhanced parenting skills (especially for parents of teens), improved leadership skills, better work/life balance, optimized personal and professional effectiveness, better choices, and a greater sense of presence and personal empowerment.

What advice would you give to aspiring coaches?
First, get yourself trained and certified in understanding the use of coaching competencies, tools and techniques. The is a good place to start gathering information. Secondly, don’t try to do it alone. Build a team of resources (alliances, network of friends and cheerleaders) to support your endeavor. Find mentors and colleagues. Lastly and very important - live a life of love, gratitude, balance, and self-care. It is the best gift you can give your clients.

How do you promote yourself?
I promote myself through networking and by building relationships with complementary service providers.

In ten years I'd like to be...
Proud of the thousands of individuals I’d supported through the process of bringing out their best. I’d like to live near a beach for half the year. I’d like to still be living a life of Love, gratitude, balance, and self-care.

You can reach Lisane at the following website:
In the Scope

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