July 30, 2008

Be Featured in a Book!

Today is Wednesday and that means I share with you those things that I find along my way on the web. As I knit, crochet and design I often have visions of grandeur where I'm creating incredible items that everyone must have and publishing books. . . since I'm only getting starting on that journey the next best thing would be to be featured in a book written by someone who actually is publishing!

Vickie Howell (author of Knit Aid, Not Another Teen Knitting Book, and New Knits on the Block) is writing a new book entitled Craft Corps and she is looking for crafters to feature (about 50-60 profiles total) in it. I wish that she were just looking for me in particular, but she isn't, she's looking for all types of crafters (knitting, ceramics, painting, sewing, crochet, collage, beading, tat, etc) so that opens up the field considerably.

Although I do plan on applying, I thought I'd share the information, just in case I wasn't chosen. The next best thing would be to have one of my readers featured.

So, if you want to apply go to this site and find out all the details! Hurry, I just found out and the deadline to apply is August 15th!

I'm wishing you luck, because although it may sound like I just want it for myself, I really want all crafters / artisans to succeed in this "big-stores-that-exploit" crazed world!

In case you aren't familiar with Vickie and her books, here they are:

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