July 29, 2008

The Dark Knight

I know you may be tired of hearing about it, so I'll make it brief and I won't speak of it again.

We went to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater in Jordan's Furniture and I have to say, I never knew a furniture store could be that much fun!!!

I love furniture shopping, especially when I actually have a need, and since we'll be moving into our own place soon, there is a need! But Jordan's Furniture, was a whole other experience. They have a restaurant (fast food) and an ice cream stand as well as a greeter with "Mardi Gras" beads at the door. When you walk in, it's like walking into an amusement park. . . We saw a bed that is perfect for us, and we made the mistake of laying on a "Tempur-Pedic" mattress, then went through the home theater department and sealed the deal. How smart were those guys when they put the IMAX right in their store (you walk through the store to get to the theater, although there is an outside entrance). . . . Oh, yes, we did see the movie. We were in a sold-out theater (sold out all weekend, we got our tickets on Monday for the Saturday show) that was amazing!

Loved it! Heath Ledger really gave the Joker some dimension and depth. Christian Bale is still the best Batman, in my humble opinion and Christopher and Jonathan Nolan did a bang-up job on the script and the direction. Yes, I would recommend it, especially on the IMAX!!!

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HobbyZu said...

I can't wait to see Dark Knight! I love Christian Bale and Heath Ledger! I may just wait and buy the dvd when it comes out since I want to own the last movie Heath starred in. :-(