September 3, 2008

My Final Push!

As many of you may know, on May 25th I launched an effort to raise $40K for the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation in celebration of my 40th birthday on September 25th! Approximately every two or three weeks I gave away an item donated from various artists and business owners who were gracious enough to help in my effort. Now that we are in the final 22 days, I'm making a gift donation of my own.

The final give-aways will be awarded on September 25th 2008, my 40th birthday and and will be given in two categories!

In an effort to get things moving along, I am donating more of my time and efforts to two custom made Knit or crochet items to two random donors! What does that mean? It means, that anyone who makes a donation in the next three weeks is eligible to win!

There are two categories and one item will be donated in each.

Category I:
- Win any item that is currently listed in my Etsy store in your desired color
- Any amount donated will be entered
- Enter as many times as you would like, but a donation has to be made for each entry
- Any donation of $40 or more will automatically be entered in Category II
- If someone else donates because of you, you will both be entered for that donation (e.g. You get someone to donate and they write "In honor of Sedie's 40th sponsored by [your name]" in the notes)

Category II:
- Win ANY custom knit or crochet item of your choice (blanket, scarf, hat, sweater, etc)
- Donate a minimum of $40 to be entered
- Every time you get someone else to donate a minumum of $40, both your names will be entered to win (e.g. You get someone to donate and they write "In honor of Sedie's 40th sponsored by [your name]" in the notes)
- Donate as many times as you would like to be entered, however, each donation must be a minimum of $40

I am anxious to reach my goal, so I'm hoping this little contest will inspire you to tell your friends and so on!

The money we're raising here is going to a great cause! Haiti has been hit with high fuel prices, high gas prices and most recently Hurricane Gustav which left 22 people dead. Whatever we do, makes so much of a difference in their lives that I can't imagine not reaching this goal and making a huge impact on their daily lives!

Now is the time! Please make your donation today, tell your friends to make their donations today and let's get this event concluded with a bang!!!

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