December 9, 2008

Product Review - Knitting Stitch Markers

If you knit or crochet, you know that one of the joys is being able to use really pretty stich markers along your work. You want them to stay put, take a little bit of a beating, but keep on ticking and not weigh down your project any more than necessary.

When looking for a stitch marker you also want it to have the type of "closure" that you are most comfortable with. Often, when buying markers you can only purchase what you see.

When Pedras put out a request for a product reviewer I volunteered for a few reasons: 1) I knit and crochet and we love to have "supplies"; 2) She offered to send me a set for free to review; 3) What I saw onscreen was very pretty!!! Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

The markers arrived wrapped and taped into bubblewrap and in a bubble envelope so they weren't going to be damaged or bounce around. It was great to see that because when I opened the package and pulled out the markers, I could see why they needed protecting. These markers are very delicate, yet sturdy.

I used them on a project and throughout the process they did their "marking" job with ease. There were a few times when I tugged too much and they came off their ring, but a quick push back got them back in place and didn't disrupt the ring itself. These stichmarkers are also light as a feather so it's almost as if they're colorful teardrops hanging from your work.

To show my support and favorability rating on these markers I purchased a set as a gift, and wouldn't you know I was given a choice of closures!! What more could a girl want? Pretty, sturdy, lightweight, and choices. I can't wait to have the need to order a new set!

I love these beautiful markers!

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