December 10, 2008

Odds & Ends

Finished!! Martha and I met at an Obama rally in September. I gave her my card because she and her husband had forgotten their camera and asked if I could take some photos of their family with Barack in the background. I did and giving her my card was the easiest way for her to send me a quick email so I could in turn send her the photo.

She noticed that I made knit and crochet items so she decided to place an order and so came to be this beautiful piece that will be off to her this week. I plan on making it available in my Etsy shop as a custom item.

Technique: Knit
Materials: Merino Wool
Pattern: Mine

This really great circular/regular scarf has been done for some time, but I've never taken any photos! It is extra-long, soft and incredibly versitile. You can find it at my Etsy shop. This one is currently available, but this will also be listed as a custom item. I love it when I'm able to offer items as "custom" because the customer can then decide what color they want, order it, make some adjustments and have just what they want.

Technique: Crochet
Materials: Acylic
Pattern: Mine

I was featured in a blog post about neckwarmers! It's so exciting when people look at my items and love them so much they want to feature them! Take a look at this article on Clippings.

This week I was featured in two treasuries!

This one was curated by LycheeKiss

This one was curated by This Is Bexx Called Boston Handmade. She is a fellow memeber and she created this treasury to promote our presence in downtown Boston from November 28 to December 28!

Can you say exciting week!!! Can't wait to see what this week brings!

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