December 15, 2008

Sometimes, It's personal.

It's been an interesting few days to say the least. Starting on Wednesday night when we, as a family attended a holiday party for on of the schools my husband works for. We had a fantastic time with a magician, caricature artist and a "build-a-bear" style vendor. All paid for by the school, and all lots of fun for the kids. The food was wonderful as well. But, the highlight of the evening came when it was time to "boogie" on the dancefloor. My boy loves bands and he was the first one out there. However, upon reaching the dance floor, he promptly ran into a young lady who wouldn't let him go. . . literally. This is not just a proud momma talking, I have video to prove it.

On Thursday, I spent a the bulk of my day working on this blog. Updating it, moving things around and just tweaking along. I don't often get the opportunity so I took it, and am I glad I did. Thursday was a rainy cold day. The temps never rose above freezing and the rain never stopped. . . so by Thursday night, when the temps began to fall, and it was still raining we were ripe for some mayhem. Nature delivered and we were covered in ice.

It was beautiful, especially when the light hit just right, but it was not good for "business as usual". We awoke to a dark house, no heat, no stove, no computer etc. Many would have had a meltdown early in the day, but we went most of the day sitting in front of a fire. Me with my project, my hubby with his student papers and my son with his superhero action figures. When the sun began to go down at about 4pm, that's when we decided we needed to do something in order to be able to function for the evening. . . so we packed up books, shower goods, etc. and headed to my brother's place for food, heat and showers!

My fireside project was crochet. I spent the day working on a project I thought I'd never be able to finish before Christmas, but am now confident I can. There is always a bright side.

We spent both Friday evening and Saturday evening at my brother's house, but on Saturday night, when we came home ready to build a fire for the night, we found the power had returned! What a relief since we'll be hitting the road on Thursday morning and there is lots to be done before then.

In my tradition, here are a few Treasuries that I was priviledged to be a part of last week.

This treasury was curated by Sixx Jewelry

This treasury was curated by Nancy Rosetta

This treasury was curated by Treasury Town

Anyway, alls well that ends well and we survived the first "storm" of the season.

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HobbyZu said...

Aww, your lil' man is soo cute! :-)

I love those photos! Ice is so magical when photographed.