January 2, 2009

Child's Hat & Scarf

I often feel bad that all my talent goes to making items to sell and not to my baby boy. I also hate that I can never think of something quick and dirty to make for him when I do want to make him something. This time, I got inspired. I made him a scarf and hat set that emulates the chunky knit scarf I make for adults and added a hat to make it complete.

I completed the set before we went to North Dakota for the holidays, and it sure came in handy in the -30 wind chill weather. Of course, my boy didn't really enjoy being outside in such cold weather, so we really didn't spend time outside when it was that cold, but even when it warmed up to 5 degrees the set worked.

I'm wondering if I should make this a part of my offerings on Etsy? Well whatever happens, at least my son is warm for now.

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