January 13, 2009


This holiday season I got a request from my cousin to make a gift set for her friend. A set? You'd think it was something I'd thought of doing before, but I hadn't. I'd gotten so compartmentalized with my items it never occurred to me to make sets. I was happy to do it. She told me the color, I picked the button and I was off. Once I completed this set, I realized, I'd like to do more sets.

For the new year, I'm putting together various sets in an effort to give more value to my shop offerings. A hat is great, but with a scarf it's of more value. A neckwarmer is nice, but with a pair of wristwarmers, it's unique and valuable. So as you watch my shop and this blog in 2009, look for sets. They'll begin cropping up soon.

You'd think it was so obvious I should have started last year??? Sometimes, it's just to close to your face to be seen.

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