March 11, 2009

12-Hour Contest!

In honor of National Craft Month, I'm having a 12-hour contest! The prize is this book! Crochet Squared: 30 Easy Crochet Projects Made from Simple Squares. I'm working on a book along these lines, so I purchased it to take a look at the "competition". Although I love the patterns, I don't want to be influenced by the patterns so I'm giving this book away to one lucky ready.

What do I do? Well, all you have to do is: 1)answer the new poll in the sidebar over there <--- ; 2) Leave a comment on this post letting me know that you've answered the poll and a way to reach you if you win!

That's it!! However, this contest ends at 9:30 PM today (3.11.09) so make sure to tell your friends!

This book is a great addition to any crochet lover's library or as a gift to someone who loves crochet!!

Good Luck and thanks for stopping by!


Kristin said...

Love your blog name!

I voted, I'm primarily a crocheter & spinner, though I dabble in just about any fiber art I discover.

Saw your tweet about the contest. (I'm SnarlingBadger)

Have a wonderful day!

Bubby's Aunt B said...

I voted! I'm a crocheter but I also knit. I've taken middle-school kids to see alpaca (sweet) shearing in the spring and watch spinning at a local knit shop in Warrenton Virginia.
Saw your tweet also about the contest. The book looks great.
I'm currently having a crochet-a-block for a local homeless shelter at the end of the month of March. Hope I get enough blocks or I will be doing a lot of work finishing the blanket myself!!
(I'm BeverlyDoRight on twitter & Beverly Dorsey on facebook)
;-) Beverly said...

Would LOVE to add this book to my library! Saw you on Twitter and voted right away. We're under the category of doing it all and can't decide! LOL It all depends on the day and the mood I'm in.

Thanks for doing the give away!!

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

Laura said...

I voted! I voted for felting but I have been crocheting much longer then felting. I am also working on Knitting and spinning. I love all fiber arts. :)

My Verification word just made me laugh It is spinedog but when I saw it I saw Spin Dog.

Alterity said...

I voted...
I crochet, spin, felt, learning weaving and trying, trying, trying to learn knitting...not having much luck, but i persist!
Problem is that I totally love fibers!
what a cool book, and I have been trying to beef up my fiber arts perfect!

Thanx for this opportunity to try to win it!

Lisa - Alterity

Zu said...

I definitely like all yarny crafts, but crochet is my fave. :-)

ZaftigDelights said...

Yarn obsession. Yeah, that's me too! I voted in your poll. I'm more of a knitter, but I do know how to crochet. Just haven't done it in a while. ;o)


:-) MaryLou said...

Good luck on your book! I've done something similar, buying books so I don't inadvertently create a design that's already been published.

I voted in the poll... although I don't do a lot of work with fiber, I love knitting!

Seema said...

I voted....and ofcourse you know i love to crochet infact i breath Contest and what a fav book to have as gift or prize...

Love the concept of just 12 hour contest..that's something different and unique..well so is your work..Seema. email

yarnabees said...

I voted, I love working with yarn! I crochet and knit. Good luck on your book let me know when it comes out!! You can contact me at

dzion said...

I voted as well. I only have time for a bit of knitting these days, but would love to have time for more.