April 3, 2009

Etsy Furniture!

We're in the process of purchasing our first home. With the financing and the interviewing of a buyers agent, and scouring listings for homes we'd like to visit, it's a long and crazy ride.

One of the things that really gets me excited is looking at the furniture listings on Etsy and dreaming of the day we'll be able to have art pieces in our home!

Here are a few of my favorites

This amazing piece of art is made by Michael Arras. I love the combined simplicity and complexity of this piece. I love the coloring and the creativity. . . ahhhhhh

This fabulous end table is created by Farzan Nemat of MSTRF on Etsy. Again, the complexity, and yet the simplicity of this piece is what drew my attention. It is very modern, which isn't usually our style, but I can see it in our country/modern style surrounded by softer items and fitting in just perfectly! Such amazing work.

Last but certainly not least, is this vintage telephone table lovingly restored and artistically presented by Alicia and Tony of Chromalab. I look at this table and think how sweet it would be to have it in our sitting room with a beautiful old fashioned phone, dating back to the same era sitting on it's top. . . .

Oh, I'm now ready to tackle the home purchase cause I've so many inspiring ideas to work on after the move!


Chroma Lab said...

Hey Sedie, thanks for the Chroma Lab shout out! We love Michael Arras' furniture, too.

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Great finds!!!

Lara Lutrick said...

Very cool. Love that first one.

Mike Foster said...

These are some cool looking pieces.