April 13, 2009


Sometime last year I saw something that stuck with me until I finished this hat. What I saw was this really stylish looking young woman wearing jeans, a nice t-shirt and a cloche hat. The hat was a totally different color than her outfit, but it was a neutral color that could have been worn with anything and look wonderful. The reason it stood out was because, I'm all about not always having to do my hair. As much as I like it when it's done, I find it tedious to do it everyday. So, I decided to make myself a cloche that would work as an alternative to doing my hair this Spring.

Here it is! My amazing crochet cloche with it's beautiful accent flower! I wear this with jeans, but I know it can be worn with a dress or a more fancy outfit. For me, I just love the look of it without the fuss!

Pattern: My own
Material: Cranberry acrylic yarn, 1-skein
Time: 4-6 hours

This was a stash-busting project for me! I think if I can do more projects like this, I'll be through my stash in record time. . . especially since most yarnies, like me, never really get through the stash!!!

I'll make another one and post the pattern here for all to enjoy soon!


Lucie Wicker Photography said...

SO CUTE! love the color too!

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Super cute!!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I love the hat! I also love to crochet. My grandmother taught me, and I'm going to teach my girls this summer. Just wish I had more time to crochet, but hats are projects that don't take a lot of time. I look forward to seeing and reading about more of your work.