January 18, 2011

Mission: Declutter / Destash

Most yarn enthusiasts (myself included) will always talk about their "stash". We go out to yarn stores, find deals, think of the projects we'll make with the treasures we've found and purchase them. However, what inevitably happens is that the very yummy yarn we've just purchased gets put away with all the other yummy yarns we were enticed to purchase, never to be seen again. . . and so the "stash". This year, I've decided that one of my goals is to reduce my stash by any means necessary. Whether I create projects for sale, to give away to charity, to give to friends or sell it, I'm going to reduce my stash by 80%! Why? Because I don't want to feel that pang of guilt when I go to the yarn store and want to purchase a yarn, knowing I have so much at home.

I know we like to call it a stash, but in reality it's clutter and hoarding (sorry yarn folks) and it's the only thing in my house that I hoard. It's precious to me and I need to realize it does me no good to simply have it in a box or plastic bin or closet if it's yummy goodness never gets to be seen. . . .

My mission, that I've chosen to accept, is to "de-stash" and be merry in the process!

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