January 14, 2011

Haiti By Hand

I thought it would be appropriate to list this shop here commemorating the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. I know some are tired of hearing about it, but those who are living it, are living a very true nightmare that has gone on for a year with no real end in sight.

Imagine for a moment that you ran for your life from a crumbling home, managed to find your family unharmed, was lucky enough to have a tent to stay in, but now had no prospects for a home, job and you weren't sure where the next meal was coming from . . . times 365 days and counting . . . .

Haiti by Hand is just one small way to help some of the women of Haiti generate an income and sustain their families. All items are handmade, inexpensive and cute. 100% of the sale goes directly to the artisan so be generous!

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