January 10, 2011

Mystery - WIP (work in progress)

As you can see over there <----- on my bucket list is "publishing a book of crochet or knit patterns". As life would have it, I can't just wake up one day and say I'll publish that book today, there have to be steps in the process. In thinking of those steps I began with a plan to create one new crochet pattern every 10-15 days for the Etsy Shop and then submitting a book proposal in the Spring . . . however, as I was merrily rolling along creating a project, something triggered my brain toward the idea of submitting my patterns to crochet magazines . . . huh . . . As I pondered the thought, in the middle of working on this project
I did some research and found that a few deadlines were within my reach and the theme's were in line with my project.

Needless to say my excitement level moved up a few notches and I did what was necessary to complete the project and get my proposal out in plenty of time for the first deadline!

That means, the mystery project will have to remain a mystery until I hear back from the publication. It's exciting to have a pattern submitted to a magazine and although it can also be pretty nerve-wrecking I'm finding there are many options so if it's not accepted this time, I can submit to another publication or sell it myself. Nonetheless, the most important thing is to have a constant flow of new project happening in order to keep my creativity fresh and marketable.

Stay tuned, I'll certainly keep you updated on my publishing journey!

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