August 18, 2011


Maulani is an Etsy shop full of "Random Fun Handmade Treasures". Each delicate piece tells a story that can only be told their way. Dita took time out of her busy day to share a little bit of herself with you. Read, then take a look at her lovely shop. . . let her know I referred you.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
Hello! I'm Dita Maulani, 23 years old from Bogor, small city in West Java, Indonesia. I love morning coffee in the morning and iced coffee in the afternoon. I sell/promote by day and craft/have lovely time with my boyfriend at night.

2. Which of your items is your favorite and why?
I love everything in my shop since I made them with love but if I have to pick one, I love this Key to Eiffel Tower in Paris. I just love the photograph of it and I know it looks better in person!

Taming the Beast: A Novel (P.S.)3. What is your favorite book, why?
I love Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire. It reminds me of how beast we can be when it comes to unhealthy love and how life can turn us bad or good, depends on path we've chosen. I just love the poem on it too. It is a hard book to comprehend yet I can't wait to turn every page until the last page of the book!

4. What is your favorite food, why?
My boyfriend's garlic bread and mashed potato! He made me this delicious food right in the evening when I was very tired teaching. And I like his iced coffee too. I just feel special when he cooks something for me ♥

5. If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

I will go to Antarctic and see the polar bear, and live in Igloo for few days. I will bring my craft supplies and will take picture of my jewelry on Antarctic!

As a special thank you, Dita has provided a special incentive just for readers of this profile! Use code “FREESHIP” in order to get Free Shipping on any of her items Worldwide!

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