August 8, 2011

Yarn Obsession is Broadcasting on YouTube!

Ever since I opened my Etsy Shop I've wanted to work in video information. I can always write out instructions, but I'm a visual learner and wanted to help my fellow "visuals" with video. The time, place etc. were never right so I put it off for a few years. Recently I've realized that unless I make the time or place and all the other elements right, things aren't going to fall into place.

So, I pulled together my first video last week and I plan on continuing to put videos together as the inspiration comes to me. I love to play with yarn! Passing that along is worthy of the effort. Besides, everyone goes to YouTube to find out "how" to do anything these days, so why not be found?!

So without further excuses here is the "Sedruola Maruska's Yarn Obsession" YouTube Channel! Bookmark it, share it and use it. I plan on adding as much as possible whenever possible!

My first video is a quick one on the basic tools for crochet!

Oh my, this is too much fun!!

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